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Translation Agency German, English & Dutch

VeCoVe is a multilingual translation agency from Helmond, The Netherlands.

We are specified in translations to German, Dutch and English. Other languages are available on request.

A good translation is not only translating a text word for word, but also a combination of the right tone, the cultural background and of course the context of both the source language and the target language.

Every language has different requirements.

A translation is a customized piece of work and needs an experienced translator who has access to the target country’s culture and habits. That is the reason why our texts are translated by native speakers only.

If your are interested in a professional translator, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Translating with SEO Optimalization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become very important over the last few years.

That is the reason why we are working closely together with the Dutch web design agency SWUP.

Together with them we will make sure that your website/webshop gets a good score on Google.

In other words: our translations are SEO-proof!

Translations into German, English & Dutch


Pricing for German, English and Dutch translations

The costs for a German, English or Dutch Translation vary from €0,07 to €0,16 per word.


Urgent translations into German, English and Dutch

VeCoVe translates text within 24 hours. They also work at the weekend and in the evening / at night !

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Professional translations into German, English and Dutch 

VeCoVe offers professional website and webshop translations into German, English and Dutch.